Unveiling your SEO Mysteries with Scribe

Scribe SEOIf you’ve been blogging for even a small amount of time you’ve no doubt already started the process of figuring out how to get your posts appearing in everyone’s favorite search engine (well, er … Google).  Links from Google can still be huge sources of traffic for your site and so Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a core activity for any blogger.

SEO = Witchcraft?

Google has always been tight lipped about how to influence rankings because they want the best content to appear in their results — not sites gaming their algorithms … But this leaves SEO as a pretty deep mystery for most of us and to spend months working on a blog without any real traction in Google could be the cause of some serious angst for any blogger.

To make matters worse, self-proclaimed experts in search have spread so many bizarre techniques to get rankings throughout the web that it has begun to look more like witchcraft than a logical set of rules.

The New Science of SEO

Luckily, there have actually been some credible SEO experts who have applied both what Google has revealed to us about getting rankings with some good old fashioned experimentation to come up with a relatively decent set of to-dos for any website. And yet, even this is troubled because going through this to-do list for every piece of content you post can be extremely time consuming and difficult to check.

Among these SEO to-dos are technical and content based tweaks you should make on your site. Now if you use WordPress with a decent theme (like Thesis), the first part of the equation (the technical tasks) are, for the most part, already done for you. But the second part of this, the content has been difficult if not impossible to get right … until now.

SEO Scribe

Recently an amazing WordPress SEO tool was released called Scribe.

Scribe is a tool that analyzes blog posts and pages on your site to help you with SEO. What makes it different than Thesis for WordPress SEO is that it has the ability to look at and score your content on how search friendly it is.

Scribe works with Thesis (or the All-In-One SEO plugin) to make sure your title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, link densities and keyword densities are adequate. It will pull the keywords out of your post that Google would see and shows you a detailed analysis of what you need to do to get rankings on the keywords you’re interested in. Scribe will even grade your post on the Flesch Reading Ease Score to make sure it’s accessible to a large audience.

In short, Scribe is like having a credible, SEO expert analyzing each piece of content before it goes out to the world! It rocks.

Scribe was created by a team organized by Brian Clark — the Copyblogger — who was also behind the awesome Thesis WordPress theme.

Any Serious Blogger, Affiliate Marketer or Online Entrepreneur should use Scribe

I signed up for scribe right after it came out and since that time I’ve been using it on new posts and on older posts (yeah — it does help to go back and update your old posts to optimize them) and I can honestly tell you that it is the best SEO tool to hit wordpress in a long time.

If I were you, I’d pop over to the scribe website to learn more — you’ll be glad you did.