Pretty Link Pro Officially Launched

prettylink_no_bg2When I put the pre-launch version of Pretty Link Pro (PLP) out on the market at the end of July, I really didn’t know what to expect. Well, let’s just say the past month has been a wild ride. 🙂 Scores of people downloaded PLP and I released a ton of fixes and new features. Seriously, look at how much has been added to PLP (above and beyond its already impressive feature set) in just the first month:

  1. Automatic Tweeting of scheduled & XML-RPC posts
  2. The Pretty Link Bookmarklet (for creating pretty links outside of your WordPress admin)
  3. Bulk Editing / Bulk Deletion UI enhancements for the Pretty Link Management page
  4. Public Link creation widget and shortcode (for site owners who want to allow their users to create pretty links using the website’s url)
  5. The Quick Add Dashboard Widget
  6. Alternate URL configuration (you can use a shorter version of your url)
  7. Short URL auto-discovery for Posts & Pages
  8. Randomized Keyword Replacements when using replacement thresholds
  9. Slug & message customization for automatic post tweeting
  10. URL Aliases for counting tweets that go to your blog post but are different from your pretty link
  11. Many more smaller fixes & refinements …


Pretty Link Pro has rapidly become a solid and feature rich link management platform that many websites owners are relying on more and more every day — and it’s only going to get better! Here’s a small roadmap of some of the upcoming features will be available exclusively to Pretty Link Pro users in the coming months:

  1. PrettyBar enhancements — I’ve had many requests for ways to make the Pretty Bar more customizable, more interactive and more helpful. Here are just some of the enhancements I have planned:
    1. 100% control of the HTML & CSS without having to modify files every time you upgrade PLP
    2. Tweet badge which can be optionally integrated into the PrettyBar (you’ll be able to get a tweet count on any link you create that uses the prettybar)
    3. Ability to modify or remove the Pretty Link Attribution link on the PrettyBar (PLP users are starting to manually replace the standard link I have there with their affiliate links — which I think is a fantastic idea so I’m making it easier to do so)
  2. UI enhancements — there are a myriad of enhancements to the UI that are in the works right now. These enhancements will make creating and managing your links sooo much easier
  3. Better website analytics compatibility
  4. Group specific link defaults — you’ll be able to override the global link creation defaults depending on what group a link is placed in.
  5. Firefox Pretty Link Pro Sidebar Widget — this will be a *huge* enhancement — since Pretty Link is getting more hooks into twitter and other social media platforms, you’ll be able to do many of the tasks you’d normally perform within your wordpress admin right from Firefox!
  6. Many other smaller — but awesome features 🙂

And remember that even if you purchase PLP today, you’ll receive all of these future updates absolutely free!

Affiliate Program

Also, don’t forget that when you purchase Pretty Link Pro, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Pretty Link Pro Affiliate Program … So you’ll get a 50% commission for every person that purchases PLP using your affiliate link (which you’ll get when you purchase)! This is great if you have an affiliate marketing presence, have clients that need Pretty Link Pro or just have friends that need it.

I’m pumped about all the activity that’s been going on surrounding Pretty Link Pro and the cool features I’m working on right now. Seriously, between the fact that this the best link management software in the world, you’ll get lifetime updates, there’s a 100% money back guarantee on it and there’s a generous affiliate program along with it — why don’t you just get Pretty Link Pro today, start using it to build your brand and make some money while your at it? Sounds like a no brainer to me. 🙂