Pretty Link Bugs Squashed

Today we released Pretty Link version 1.4.56. It fixes numerous bugs including:

  1. Pretty Link (Lite and Pro) is now 100% compatible with WordPress 3.1 and Multi-Site. Pretty Link has been running well with WordPress 3.1 but these Pretty Link fixes have been put in place so that future updates will work properly (especially when a Pretty Link release updates the database).
  2. Link slug availability routines have been shored up to allow pretty links from being able to utilize all slugs that truly don’t conflict with page, post, category and tag slugs.
  3. Fixed link rotation form in Pretty Link Pro so that the link weights won’t reset when the page is reloaded.
  4. Fixed a minor auto link creation issue that affected posts when the Default Group was set to “None” in Pretty Link Pro.
  5. Made several modifications to the hit resetting routines especially when Simple Click Tracking is enabled.
  6. Made several enhancements to the Keyword Replacement Routines in Pretty Link Pro.

We recommend that all Pretty Link Lite & Pro users upgrade to 1.4.56.

Reports about this release that have been coming in from users this morning have been very positive … so you have no excuse but to upgrade …


  1. Awesome! I like squishing bugs too. But how long till the create shortlinks API is built in?

    • Never mind, I went through the options and saw this feature is now installed! Tested and working on my iPhone, now to integrate it with my blog somehow šŸ˜‰

  2. Hello Blair,
    There’s a bug in Pretty Links lite when you sort by hits (using simple tracking, didn’t try other option).
    You can see the sorting bug here:

  3. I forgot to add, it looks like it’s only happens when hits are in the more than 1 digit. It only takes in consideration for sorting the first digit of the number. Like :

    10-19 -> 1
    20-29 -> 2

  4. Guys

    I’m not sure if i have a problem or not

    I’m promoting clickbank products , my hits in pretty link show up but are not counted in the hop link report in clickbank is this normal ?

    • This shouldn’t be normal. You may want to check with ClickBank to figure out why they are not counting the hits.

  5. Hi Blair,

    Awesome plugin. I intend to use it extensively for my link tracking/cloaking needs. I just found a bug though, where do I report bugs?

    Best regards,


  6. One very strange problem i am facing… I lost all my links due to bad backup(pretty link was not backup-ed) but now i am not even able to add the links. When i tried to add a link it shows successful message but actually i don’t see any links in the list… any idea?? i have tried to disable and delete the entire plugin and then added back…

    I m using pretty link lite version…

  7. Hi Blair,

    Today I’ve updated the Pretty Link Lite from 1.4.56 to 1.5.0 version.

    After update, it is showing in red the following message:

    “Database Upgrade is required for Pretty Link to work properly
    Automatically Upgrade your Database”

    What does it mean this Database upgrade? Does this Database upgrade, touch the entire database or only the corresponding to Pretty Link place?

    Should I go on? I’m careful touching my database.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.



  8. Thanks for the post. I have the same warning message to update the database after updating Pretty Links lite but when I hit the update button I am immediately sent to the blog home page!

    Any suggestions?

  9. Just wanted to add a note here that the guys from Pretty Links personally stepped in and helped me to quickly resolve this issue.

    Thanks to all for a great product.

  10. Does anyone know what this error is all about? CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled

    I just got it after upgrading to latest version and clicking my Pretty Link bookmarklet.

    • Please make sure the cURL is enabled on your server. Contact your host if you are not sure.

  11. I’ve got the update database warning as well and as others have said, it just takes me to my homepage when I click the link it provides. Any ideas please?


  12. Your Pretty Link Pro installation isn’t quite complete yet.
    Automatically Upgrade to Enable Pretty Link Pro….

    Your Pretty Link Pro installation isn’t quite complete yet.
    Automatically Upgrade to Enable Pretty Link Pro

    docent work!!! What can i do??

  13. Same here. We are getting ……………….Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/sandee/public_html/ on line 67

    and are unable to create new links. Although as far as i can tell the existing links are still working.

  14. I’m still getting this error. Any ideas on how this can be corrected? I’m running version 1.5.5 of Pro.

    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set in /wp-content/plugins/pretty-link/classes/models/PrliUrlUtils.php on line 68

  15. I have just edit one of my prettylink, then when I want to use the old slug, it said the slug already taken, how to delete the slug so that I can use to redirect a new post?

    for example: initially i have: redirect to
    then I edit to example/abc1
    Then when I want to create redirect to another page, i.e,
    then there is a message slug already taken.

    Hence, how to delete my old so that I can create a new to redirect to

    I m using pretty link lite versionā€¦

    Thank you