The Ultimate Secret of SEO Power

The Google Scroll

Many years ago there was a traveler who journeyed from village to village, helping those in need of good SEO on their websites. He possessed un-imaginable SEO skills and a limitless powers to promote websites to the highest positions in the night sky. This traveler was no ordinary man, not only was he a master of the art of SEO but he was the chosen keeper of the “Google Scroll” which contained the secret to ultimate SEO POWER!

SEO was difficult for the traveler in the beginning

SEO didn’t always come easy to the traveler. When he first began the journey to get top rankings for his website he struggled. He went around the village and saw what some others were doing. Some of the other villagers had been taught by wise men living high in the mountains, near the Temple of the Search Engines and gave the traveler some advice. Some of this advice worked and some didn’t — he gained some success on his first website but never enough for the Bots of the Search Engines to take it to the top of the night sky.

One day the traveler overheard some of the other villagers talking about the “Google Scroll” and the secret that was written upon it. The villagers explained to each other that anyone who knew the secret on that scroll would be an unstoppable SEO juggernaut. Once he heard that a secret to ultimate SEO power existed he wanted the scroll more than anything else. He decided to set out on a journey to the Temple of the Search Engines where he would find this “Google Scroll.” The next day, he and several other villagers started on the long trail to the temple.

The Journey

As he journeyed the traveler noticed strange men trying to lead the villagers down unknown paths. These men were self-proclaimed “SEO Warriors” and claimed to already know the secret of ultimate SEO power — many of the villagers gave them all their provisions in return for the secret. The traveler noticed that these “secrets” would work for the villagers’ websites for a time but would almost always end in disaster — leaving them impoverished and without power to correct their mistakes. The traveler was wise enough to ignore these men as he continued his way along the path to the temple.

The traveler journeyed for several days until he could see the temple in the distance. As he walked, he noticed an old man lying on the ground along the side of the road. The other villagers seemed to be ignoring the old man but the traveler went to him and asked if he needed a hand. The old man stood and pulled the hood down that was covering his face — the traveler immediately recognized him … It was Master Oogley, the creator of the sacred algorithms of the Temple of the Search Engines!

Teacher and Student

Master Oogley and the traveler became fast friends — Oogley invited the traveler to become his student. Even though the traveler was still interested in seeking the scroll, this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Oogley taught the traveler the unique title, unique header, and hierarchical website organization techniques. Oogley also taught him the way of the nofollow link, canonical link and most importantly, the way of the good content. Despite this instruction, the traveler was discouraged at first because he’d already learned all this stuff from the villagers — how would this help him now? When the traveler would complain, Oogley would just reply, “Patience, patience.”

After a long period of consistent effort, the traveler began to notice his website rankings beginning to climb — Oogley’s teachings were working! He gained confidence and continued with these simple, logical exercises on his website every day. It wasn’t long before several of the traveler’s websites had climbed high into the evening sky — people from the village even started to talk about them. The traveler was becoming an SEO master.

The SEO Master

Over time, the traveler continued to work on his craft — he helped himself and others to launch their sites. At night, everyone in the world could see his websites lighting the sky. He even started to accelerate the simple techniques taught to him by Master Oogley by using tools like WordPress and SEO Optimized WordPress themes like Thesis. It seemed that his powers of SEO were vast and almost unstoppable.

The Google Scroll

Just when the traveler had all but forgotten about the “Google Scroll” Master Oogley called for him. Oogley was preparing himself to pass on to the next plane of existence — Oogley told the traveler that he was to be the new keeper of the “Google Scroll!” Oogley then pulled a golden scroll from his pocket and handed it to the traveler. This was the moment that the traveler had dreamed of — to hold the Google Scroll in his hands. He opened it and was shocked to find that the scroll was completely blank! The traveler and Master Oogley had a good laugh because at that moment he realized that there was no secret after all–he had spent his life promoting websites in the right way.

Even though many years have passed since the traveler walked the earth, his websites are still among the brightest sites in the night sky…


  1. AngryTed says:

    Funny stuff Blair. You are right though, there isn’t one secret ingredient to SEO. I have had so many people tell me lame things like “as long as you add in these keywords to your meta tags you will be number one on all related searches”. They never work! You are right that it is a organizational thing with many different components working together that promotes good SEO.

    Keep up the blogging this one cracked me up!

  2. Hilarious! What a great way to describe the journey to create a highly ranked website. I think you should change the text to say, “patience grasshopper!” it would be way funnier and would follow along the metaphor of the Kung Fu Panda movie.
    This is an interesting way of explaining things. Most tech blogs get mired in the technical mumbo jumbo and arrogance of thinking they know better than anyone else. Great job!

  3. This one’s funny but with good wisdom. Being part of the newbie population, I do notice that there are lot of ideas about SEO scattered over the internet, from the simple ones to the weirdest ones. Thanks for simplifying things up.

    • Yeah, there’s a lot of crazy advice out there — much of it involves “gaming” Google to some degree or another. I think the best information on the subject comes from Google itself. I think this is perhaps the best primer on SEO — its free and comes straight from Google:

      Google’s SEO Starter Guide

      Using that document as a checklist will help you more than just about anything. You’re way ahead of most newbies already because at least you’re using WordPress — you should really look into using Thesis on your site as well. Thesis automates all the tedious nofollow stuff in the correct fashion, canonical links and makes sure your site is as attractive to Google as possible.

      Anyway, that’s my 2 cents 🙂 …

  4. It’s very good story and include the SEO knowlage, Thank you for fun story eventhough have some comercial link (LOL).


  5. I started my website as a hobby, no intention of trying to get it popular, so never bothered with SEO, in fact never knew what SEO was till recently.

    But I was always puzzled as to why I kept being seen in Google.

    Your story, is very good, and so true.

  6. Haha, I love it great work! very creative but so true.

    I have seen and heard the lot when it comes to SEO (Like all of us), and “Gaming” google is probably top of its list.

    I do agree that writing great, rich content will get you very far. Attracting even a few dedicted followers to your blog/site will have positive effects, although it wont be instant it will work 🙂

    Super stuff!

  7. Pretty Good Article I like this part with Traveler.
    But May be everyone who use WordPress and not only wordpress know
    The only one way to top of google Pages is to make New things Uniq articles and submit your site in no spaming sites and directories at the moment
    I know only a few directories
    But i Perfer to make all only with google
    SEO i Very Important part of any web site.Just you must write uniq and new SEO friendly and Optimised Content to be interested for Google and People around The WEB

  8. Great post Blair! Think I’m at the part where the traveler “noticed strange men trying to lead the villagers down unknown paths. These men were self-proclaimed “SEO Warriors” and claimed to already know the secret of ultimate SEO power — many of the villagers gave them all their provisions in return for the secret.”

    Too many folks offering quick solutions, asking for crazy amounts of cash then just let them walk down a path with no end…

    Great article and great story – all too true. Thanks!

  9. Greetings from Indonesia. Im still new-bie to the term of SEO, and now Im following the seo contest. I want to ask, if you have any code seo script for my blog can be no.1 in google? Please help me ..

  10. This made me chuckle and made me want to keep trying to learn more about this SEO stuff


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