More Twitter Automation Comes to Pretty Link Pro

multi_twitterIn the 1.4.27 release of Pretty Link Pro there are some major refinements. The first of these refinements is the ability to set up multiple twitter accounts that your blog can post to. You can now automatically post notifications of each of your blog posts to however many Twitter accounts you want to simultaneously. This feature arose from my need to tweet posts out to 3 twitter accounts that I own — before I was auto tweeting to my main account @supercleanse and then re-tweeting to my other two. This was time consuming and kind of defeated the purpose of auto tweeting altogether.

In addition to multiple twitter accounts, we’ve optimized the page load time for users of the social media button bar, re-tweet badge and of Pretty Link. Many of the SQL queries were slowing down some of the page load times.

Finally, we made many back end changes to the system so that it will be able to accommodate some of the awesome new features we have planned next (some of which were revealed in this month’s survey). Enjoy!

UPDATE: Okay, so there was actually a significant bug that was released with version 1.4.27 — if you haven’t done it already go out and upgrade to 1.4.28 where it has been fixed! Sorry for any issues.


  1. Excellent – It is great to see how you are busting you butt churning out new updates Blair – keep up the great work!

    Two suggestions if you don’t mind; both relates to the hits page:

    1. There is a hits range on the far left side of the page; but the latest date starts on the right side of the page. Could you add the hits range to the right side of the page too?

    2. How about a pull down to set the pagination of latest hits; 10 is a very small number on a busy site (preferably save last used value for the future, if possible).

    • Hopefully I’ll be posting more about this next week but the survey indicated that the most important new feature to the users was creating more high level stats — and to make them more user friendly. So expect that the next major releases will include not only your suggestions but many more features.

  2. So I use Pretty Link, and I wanted to know if I could set it to where my non-Administrator users could get access to it? It seems I as the Administrator am the only one with access to it.

  3. Hello Blair,
    as I write on a multi-author blog, it would be great, if you could add twitter accounts based on the author of posts. E.g. I would like new posts only from Robert being twittered to @robertharm. Are there any plans for this feature?
    Greetings from Vienna,