WordPress.TV: Pimp Your WordPress Plugin

WordPress.TV just posted my presentation from OCWordCamp, “Pimp Your WordPress Plugin” … FYI — it’s actually quite a bit more technical than it sounds — but if you want to learn some of my techniques for developing & maintaining larger-scale plugins, this is the one for you:

Here are the slides for this presentation: Pimp Your WordPress Plugin


  1. Very nice, I’m a big fan of WordPress and it’s great to see new really useful plugins getting released. Going to download and check it out, looks exactly like what I was looking for for quite a time. So, thanks alot!

  2. Dallas Johnson says:

    Great presentation. I’ve been looking for examples on how to integrate the MVC pattern into WordPress plugin development. Do you happen to have any code samples you can share? The concept is pretty straightforward but it would really be nice to see the code bring it together.

    Great work.

    • Blair Williams says:

      Go download Mingle and inspect the source code. It’s a pretty clean MVC plugin — although in my latest code (working on a couple of new plugins) I’m doing some php 5 only stuff that is making it even cleaner — like autoloading classes in my entry point file, using dynamic getter / setter methods (using _get & _set), using more inheritance for controllers & models to really clean up the code, etc… but still not that much different than what you’ll find in Mingle.

    • Dallas Johnson says:

      Perfect. Thank you so much.


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