Blog World 2009: Provide Value, Engage Your Audience and Make Some Money

So I just got back from BlogWorld Expo / WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 — it was awesome! Since it seems like everyone is talking about this event now — I just want to focus on my own personal experiences and things that I learned. Here are some of the highlights and takeaways from the event:

Day 1 (Thursday):

Internet Marketing For Smart People Panel (Sonia Simone, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan) No, I am not sleeping -- this session ROCKED!

The 2 highlights for me on Day 1 were the “Internet Marketing for Smart People” Session and the End of Day Keynote from Chris Brogan.

The “Internet Marketing for Smart People” session was a panel by Sonia Simone (, Chris Brogan (, Brian Clark (, and Darren Rouse ( This session was packed and rightly so, there was some phenomenal information shared–it even had it’s own Twitter hash tag: #3tribe … The gist of the 3 tribe thing a reference to Seth Godin’s Tribes book. The panelists showed that there are currently 2 accepted tribes on the Internet now, those who feel its unethical to turn a profit on the Internet and those who fall into the get rich quick scheme mindset. The panelists were pushing the notion that there was a third, emerging tribe that wants to do well by the community, provide value and ethically earn a living. They also announced a new community around this subject (the third tribe community). Since I agreed 100% with the 3rd tribe philosophy — I want to be a member of it for sure.

Chris Brogan’s Keynote rocked. He talked about this huge shift in interpersonal communications due to social media and blogs. [Read more…]

You going to BlogWorld / WordCamp Las Vegas this week?

Screen shot 2009-10-11 at 1.50.01 PMHey, are you going to BlogWorld this week? It’s going to be held in Las Vegas on October 15-17 and apparently it’s going to be *really good* …

Let me know if you’ll be there so we can meet up.

There are already a few activities that are being organized after the conference that I’m planning on attending.

1. Thursday Night @10pm — There’s a photo walk out on the strip that I’m planning on attending. This one’s been organized by Victor Cajiao of the Typical Shutterbug Podcast.

2. Saturday Night @7pm — John P. from One Man’s Blog & Woopra has organized another photo walk that will be down on Freemont street in old Las Vegas … looking forward to this one a lot. You can read more about it on his blog.

Of course, I’m sure some fun stuff will come together for Friday night as well … but no matter what, feel free to contact me so we can hang out. šŸ™‚