More Facebook-Like Features for BuddyPress

Creating websites with WordPress plugins like BuddyPress can be an extremely compelling way to create communities that are specific to your market and to engage your audience. These types of sites have become a hub for people who share the same interests to connect and build relationships, networks, and skills.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Michael Eisenwasser over at BuddyBoss. His team has developed an awesome plugin that really makes it easy to enhance BuddyPress to add a powerful & collaborative community on your site in minutes called BuddyBoss Wall.

But if BuddyPress is the WordPress plugin for social networking then why do you need an additional plugin alongside it? Well, if you’ve used BuddyPress in the last few years, you’ll know that out of the box, it turns WordPress into more of a Twitter-like system. But hang on, what if you want something more like Facebook for your users? I mean, how about a wall on their profile and the ability to like comments and posts?

That is exactly what BuddyBoss Wall provides.

Using BuddyBoss Wall, it couldn’t be easier to create the collaborative environment you’d love to have for the members of your site. All you need to do is just upload & install it alongside BuddyPress itself.

BuddyBoss Wall is an exceptionally clean and simple plugin. It just adds one setting dialog with two options: one to enable a profile wall and one to allow public wall posting or friends only wall posting. That’s it!

Now, your community members will have their own wall and can post on other members’ walls! Of course, this image could have looked much better if I were using the BuddyBoss theme, which is fully compatible with both BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Wall to give you a seamless environment.

In addition to interactive wall posting your members will be able to like comments & posts and see what you and others have liked!

And of course, what would a wall plugin be without a news feed? Yeah, this is one of my favorite features of BuddyBoss Wall. It gives your members a Facebook-like news feed so they can see recent activity that has been happening in their network on your site.

BuddyBoss Wall can be used with MemberPress too, so you can even use it to create protected communities. They’ve got a superb support team ready and willing to answer all your questions and help you setup BuddyBoss Wall to meet all your needs!

Finally, what do you think a plugin like this costs? Well folks, it’s very affordable. So really, it’s a no brainer to go out and pick up this plugin if you’ve been wanting to start a community driven website.

Introducing MemberPress!

Introducing MemberPress

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