Tweet Your Blog Posts … Automatically

Shrinking your blog posts’ permalinks (on existing or newly created blog posts) and then sending a tweet out for them can be a hassle — especially if you have multiple twitter accounts. Luckily, you can automate this process and auto tweet your blog posts right from your wordpress website using Pretty Link Pro. Hopefully this article will show you how this can save you time and the simple steps you’ll need to go through to get this auto tweet feature working for you.
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Blog World 2009: Provide Value, Engage Your Audience and Make Some Money

So I just got back from BlogWorld Expo / WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 — it was awesome! Since it seems like everyone is talking about this event now — I just want to focus on my own personal experiences and things that I learned. Here are some of the highlights and takeaways from the event:

Day 1 (Thursday):

Internet Marketing For Smart People Panel (Sonia Simone, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan) No, I am not sleeping -- this session ROCKED!

The 2 highlights for me on Day 1 were the “Internet Marketing for Smart People” Session and the End of Day Keynote from Chris Brogan.

The “Internet Marketing for Smart People” session was a panel by Sonia Simone (, Chris Brogan (, Brian Clark (, and Darren Rouse ( This session was packed and rightly so, there was some phenomenal information shared–it even had it’s own Twitter hash tag: #3tribe … The gist of the 3 tribe thing a reference to Seth Godin’s Tribes book. The panelists showed that there are currently 2 accepted tribes on the Internet now, those who feel its unethical to turn a profit on the Internet and those who fall into the get rich quick scheme mindset. The panelists were pushing the notion that there was a third, emerging tribe that wants to do well by the community, provide value and ethically earn a living. They also announced a new community around this subject (the third tribe community). Since I agreed 100% with the 3rd tribe philosophy — I want to be a member of it for sure.

Chris Brogan’s Keynote rocked. He talked about this huge shift in interpersonal communications due to social media and blogs. [Read more…]

More Twitter Automation Comes to Pretty Link Pro

multi_twitterIn the 1.4.27 release of Pretty Link Pro there are some major refinements. The first of these refinements is the ability to set up multiple twitter accounts that your blog can post to. You can now automatically post notifications of each of your blog posts to however many Twitter accounts you want to simultaneously. This feature arose from my need to tweet posts out to 3 twitter accounts that I own — before I was auto tweeting to my main account @supercleanse and then re-tweeting to my other two. This was time consuming and kind of defeated the purpose of auto tweeting altogether.

In addition to multiple twitter accounts, we’ve optimized the page load time for users of the social media button bar, re-tweet badge and of Pretty Link. Many of the SQL queries were slowing down some of the page load times.

Finally, we made many back end changes to the system so that it will be able to accommodate some of the awesome new features we have planned next (some of which were revealed in this month’s survey). Enjoy!

UPDATE: Okay, so there was actually a significant bug that was released with version 1.4.27 — if you haven’t done it already go out and upgrade to 1.4.28 where it has been fixed! Sorry for any issues.

You going to BlogWorld / WordCamp Las Vegas this week?

Screen shot 2009-10-11 at 1.50.01 PMHey, are you going to BlogWorld this week? It’s going to be held in Las Vegas on October 15-17 and apparently it’s going to be *really good* …

Let me know if you’ll be there so we can meet up.

There are already a few activities that are being organized after the conference that I’m planning on attending.

1. Thursday Night @10pm — There’s a photo walk out on the strip that I’m planning on attending. This one’s been organized by Victor Cajiao of the Typical Shutterbug Podcast.

2. Saturday Night @7pm — John P. from One Man’s Blog & Woopra has organized another photo walk that will be down on Freemont street in old Las Vegas … looking forward to this one a lot. You can read more about it on his blog.

Of course, I’m sure some fun stuff will come together for Friday night as well … but no matter what, feel free to contact me so we can hang out. šŸ™‚